This is the world's most comprehensive eBook making the factual economic case for choosing Panama. 2016 edition has 443 pages, 12 hours of videos, 325 color pictures, 5 slideshows and 225 interactive review  questions. The 28 chapters of this book are organized into 3 major parts. Tourism, Business and Retirement. 

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     Did you know?...

  1. Panama has both the world's 2nd largest Free Trade zone and  # 2 Offshore Banking center.
  2. Donald Trump built a 1,000 room, 70 story, 5 star hotel that opened in 2011 in Panama city. 
  3. Panama does not tax foreign income.
  4. Panama city has a multi-billion dollar Subway.
  5. The Debt to GDP ratio is 40% of  the USA ratio. 

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8 of the best videos from You Tube concerning Panama. There are over 300 videos in the book. These videos range from glitzy public relations pieces to 1 hour documentaries. This can entertain you and impress you for hours.